The first building that I saw in Kuwait that is VERY modern and has quality furnishings, and the housekeeping is great, the staffs are so helpful I don’t have any problem with the maintenance and housekeeping! Luxury-Complex-for-Rent-and-Leasing-in-Kuwait

Icole Amy Pearson

Manager BHS
The only reason I am leaving the place because I am leaving the country if it weren’t the case I will definitely stay here longer. The housekeeping and maintenance service is superb, so friendly staff if not for them staying in Kuwait will be impossible! Luxury-Complex-for-Rent-and-Leasing-in-Kuwait

Zeina Bitar

Group Editor in Chief (Vacations & Travel, Good Health)
Lulwa Publishing
The place is so cool because it has a homey atmosphere, the staffs are so friendly! And we are so close toeverything! Luxury-Complex-for-Rent-and-Leasing-in-Kuwait

Hannah Farmer

Coach Trainer
I would want to stay longer in the residence; the furnishings are contemporary great service! Convenient location! Luxury-Complex-for-Rent-and-Leasing-in-Kuwait

Jerzino Damiani

Operation & HR Director
Kuwait United Company for Publishing and Advertisement
I will keep on coming back to the residence; the apartment is spacious and elegant, staff is prompt, very helpful and friendly”. They made settling in Kuwait a very easy process.” Luxury-Complex-for-Rent-and-Leasing-in-Kuwait

Engr. Joachim Springer

Project Director
Waagner Biró